Job Share Connect

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A better solution for a better workplace.

Whether you’re an employer looking to fill open positions with the right skillsets or a candidate in search of more flexible work options, Job Share Connect could be the answer.

We connect two talented professionals who want to pursue their careers, but want options outside of the traditional 8-hour day or 40-hour workweek. We then connect those job share partners with progressive companies looking to recruit and/or retain top talent.

For Talent

You shouldn’t have to choose
between your work and your life.

When you’re working 40 or more hours every week while working to maintain the rest of your responsibilities, it’s sometimes hard to succeed at anything. For many professionals, job sharing could be the key to success for everything.

For Employers

Finding the best candidate doesn’t necessarily
mean finding a single candidate.

Hiring and retaining the best people has never been easy. Companies must find new and creative ways to access bigger talent pools and be open to non-traditional workplace and hiring practices. Job sharing is a flexible work option where two specialized and experienced individuals are matched to broaden the range of capabilities needed for high performance with little or no additional cost.