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Work Smarter.
Not Harder.

A win-win solution for today’s evolving workforce.


Job Sharing offers flexibility to talent looking for part-time work and consistency to employers requiring a full-time commitment.

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What is job sharing? 

Job sharing allows two people to share the workload and salary of one full-time position. Job Share Connect works with talent and organizations to recruit talent and manage the division of work and pay so you don’t skip a beat!


Join our Talent Pool to be the first to know about new

job share opportunities.

Is job sharing right for you?

Job sharing isn’t for everyone. Many people still want or need a full-time position. However, 40+ hours a week isn’t the best solution for people who have other obligations or career objectives. Sound familiar?

We've got hundreds of multi-generational professionals in our talent  pools looking for

a better way to integrate work and life. 

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Balance your family and career with more flexibility.

Senior Businessman


Prepare for retirement on your terms.



Ease into your transition and gain new skills.

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Work on your time

Finish your degree or start a side hustle with more flexibility

Getting started with Job Share Connect is easy and free!

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Create Your Profile

Complete a 5-minute survey so we can better understand your skill set and ideal working scenario.

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Review Available Jobs

Our career coaches will comb through available positions to find the right position(s) for you. 

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Get Matched

We'll pair you with a compatible job share partner to help you divide and conquer. 

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Start Job Share

Our coaches will supply you with the tools and resources you need to job share without skipping a beat.


Benefits of Job Sharing

  • Better work-life balance

  • Improved retention of employees through life's transitions

  • Ability to attract top-tier talent looking for flexibility

  • Collaboration allows for professional development, accountability, and increased productivity

  • Ample coverage when one employee needs time-off

  • Continuity during transition

It's time to unlock human potential

Watch Job Share Connect's Co-founders, Jessica Charlsen & Jina Hwang, PhD, share their vision of why job-sharing is more relevant now than ever and how it transforms the Future of Work in "TEDx: Unlocking Human Potential Through Job Sharing."

"Job sharing is exactly what I didn't know I needed. I was working tirelessly and burning the candle at both ends, but not feeling like I was making an impact. Job Share Connect provides me with the opportunity to still do the work I love, but also give my children and family the time they deserve. I couldn't ask for a better combination that that."

- Laura

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Let's connect.

Complete this form to get connected with a job share specialist. We'll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your goals and get you set up in our job share portal.

Looking to implement job sharing in your organization? Don’t hesitate to submit an employer contact request or schedule a call to learn more. 

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