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A partnership with a shared passion for work and life.

Jessica Charlsen and Jina Hwang, Ph.D. are co-founders and Co-CEO’s of Job Share Connect. They are global job sharing and future of work thought leaders, consultants, advisors and speakers.

Leveraging their diverse expertise and shared vision, they are challenging the status quo of how we work and live by standardizing job sharing as a flexibility solution.

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Jessica Charlsen

Co-CEO, Chief Growth Officer

 Jessica leads business development, strategic partnerships, and marketing strategy. She’s a longtime marketing professional with experience in both the corporate and ad agency worlds.

Working as a steward of numerous national brands, she has a deep understanding of the need to balance a company’s efforts to grow while maintaining the economics that allows the company to function successfully day after day. She leverages this experience to help Job Share Connect’s talent pool and corporate clients find their own beneficial balance between employer productivity and talent’s flexibility needs. 

Her most demanding clients are her three children, luckily, her husband Adam helps manage them.  

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Jina Hwang, Ph.D.

Co-CEO, Chief People Officer

As Co-CEO and Chief People Officer, Jina oversees strategic talent management and leads job sharing and matching operations. She and her team partner with companies to maximize employee potential and performance for successful job share solutions and programs.

Jina is an organizational psychologist and has experience working across multiple industries sectors. She has worked both internally and as a consultant with a wealth of expertise in organizational development and brings a full range of talent management capabilities, which include talent acquisition and retention, personnel selection and assessment, leadership development, succession planning, and diversity and inclusion. Her broad experience allows her to understand unique company needs and provide tailored solutions for job sharing and the future of work. 

Regardless of her significant professional accomplishments, she’s most proud of being the mother of young twins. 

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The Why behind 
Job Share Connect


To create mutually beneficial job share opportunities that promote work-life integration and help companies hire and retain top talent for the multi-generational workplace of the future.


Empowering individuals to lead happier and more fulfilling lives by connecting with others to positively impact the family unit, their communities, and society as a whole.

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Why Job Sharing?

Watch Job Share Connect's Co-founders, Jessica Charlsen & Jina Hwang Picarella, PhD, share their vision of why job sharing is more relevant now than ever and how it transforms the Future of Work in TEDx: Unlocking Human Potential Through Job Sharing.

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