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Collaborating at Work

Match Employees.
Expand Possibilities.

We match employees based on individual wants and needs.

Using the established job share model, Job Share Connect's software matches employees together, reimagining what on-the-job learning, up-skilling, development, AND flexibility looks like within your organization. By providing employees with both experiential and social learning opportunities, this is an optimal approach to on-the-job training.

Create your Super Workforce that unlocks untapped potential within individuals and teams.

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Building a Super Workforce

Our technology benefits both employees and employers.

Follow the journey of Mike and Lisa to learn more.

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Use Case: Mike & Lisa

Mike and Lisa work in different departments at your organization. Mike is a high-potential employee, who is anxious to get ahead, but feeling bored and a little stuck. 

Lisa is a valuable senior manager who has grown within your company. She recently found out she’s pregnant with twins and wants to scale back her hours for the next 6-12 months.

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Identify and Assess

Through Job Share Connect’s software, Mike and Lisa create personal profiles that include their skills, abilities, and career goals. They also take our proprietary job share assessment. Using the profile information our software identifies potential matches and guides them through our proprietary process.   


Together, Mike and Lisa complete our multi-step process to confirm compatibility and establish clear expectations between each other, and their managers, setting everyone up for success. 


Build your talent pipeline

To ensure nothing gets dropped from Mike’s original job, Job Share Connect can source internal or external talent to fill gaps. This creates an opportunity for someone with transferable skills, but not traditional experience, to try out  Mike’s job.


Your Super Workforce

Our technology matches employees together based on their individual wants and needs. Employees are empowered to seek out on-the-job learning, up-skilling, development, or flexibility within your organization.

The result? An employee-centric Super Workforce that builds your internal talent pipeline and unlocks the untapped potential within individuals and teams. 

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It's time to unlock human potential

Watch Job Share Connect's Co-founders, Jessica Charlsen & Jina Hwang Picarella, PhD, share their vision of why job sharing is more relevant now than ever and how it transforms the Future of Work in TEDx: Unlocking Human Potential Through Job Sharing.

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Let's connect.

Job Share Connect is committed to exceeding your expectations. Questions, comments or special requests?
We’d love to hear from you! 

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