COVID-19 Solutions

These times are uncertain and scary. 

Employers are in crisis mode, working tirelessly to sustain their businesses & employees.

Employees are in crisis mode, facing the reality of layoffs or pay cuts,

while also trying to navigate the instability of the upcoming school year. 

By recognizing what we’re all up against, we can create solutions that are win-win-wins.


Job Share Connect is offering free consultations to companies

wanting to explore a Temporary Job-Share Program.

Learn more in KETV's interview with co-founder, Jessica Charlsen. 

What is a Temporary Job Share Program?

A temporary job share program can be implemented as a way for companies to retain talented employees and institutional knowledge.  It can also be a way to provide relief for working parents now at home with children who are beyond stretched.


Job Share Connect is working with companies and employees to implement temporary job-share programs to get everyone through this unprecedented time and provide a strategic plan to maintain your top performers until your company is ready to ramp back up again.

Why Would You Start a Temporary Job Share Program?

Employers: To retain staff and maximize resources, we're helping companies find new ways to support their employee flexibility needs, without sacrificing productivity. Job sharing also offers an alternative to layoffs and downsizing by consolidating two employees into one, full-time position. This reduces costs, retains institutional knowledge, stabilizes morale, while allowing valuable employees to maintain a consistent level of employment.

Looking towards the future, a temporary job share provides an option for employees to transition back into full-time roles as the economy recovers and your company allows. 


Employees: Employees who are struggling to maintain their current workload with added home and family responsibilities need creative solutions. This provides a way to keep their current position while sharing the role and responsibilities with another employee facing similar challenges.

New to job sharing? Check out our FAQ page here.

How Long Would the Temporary Job Share Need to Last?

The temporary job share program could continue as long as needed or when employers can support two full-time employees again.

What About Benefits, Schedules, etc?

Job Share Connect will provide their Proprietary Job Share Assessment at no cost to employers. This helps to ensure the potential job share employees are suited for job sharing, the compatibility of the job share match, and assists in predetermining the logistics to make the job share work.

Do We Have to Sign-up for a Program with Job Share Connect?

Job Share Connect is providing a complimentary information session that will walk you through how to structure and implement a temporary job share program. Companies are then free to set up a program on their own, or work with Job Share Connect to provide continued support at a reduced cost.

We are all in this together!


Free Consultation may include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Workforce planning

  • Flexible work options

  • Change management

  • Employee engagement

  • Future of work planning

  • Outplacement options and services

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