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Explore the benefits of job sharing.

Work Colleagues

Sometimes, the right person is two people.

Employee recruitment and retention is more challenging than ever. The range of skillsets you need is increasing, but your salary allocations probably can’t keep pace. You may also worry about your most valuable employees taking another job — and taking all of their institutional and practical knowledge with them. 


You need to do a lot more with a lot less, so you’re constantly looking for that one magical hire to solve several challenges. What if you could acquire two magical hires for the cost of one salary? What if you could retain current employees— and their valuable knowledge — by offering a new way to work?


We can help with both.

Don’t hunt for a unicorn. Build one.

Your budget allows for only one new hire, but your day-to-day business is in need of several different skillsets. You need that one magical employee. Or do you? With a job sharing program, you could get a broader range of skills and deeper knowledge from a pair of employees at the cost of a single salary — solving both your business challenges and your overhead limitations.

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Retain your history
by offering a brighter future.

When a valued employee leaves your company, they take all of their knowledge — about your company and how it runs — with them. Avoiding costly turnover is just good business. 


Job sharing could be the answer. It provides an alternative to employees who feel like they must choose between their job and other obligations — like caring for a family member or going back to school. It also gives older employees an option to transition into retirement, while training their replacement.

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Why job sharing?

It’s not hard to find the advantages of job sharing for employees who find it difficult to work a full 40-hour week. What about the advantages to your company? 

  • Access untapped talent pools, who are highly skilled and motivated, but aren't looking for 40+ hour work weeks

  • Retain employees who might otherwise seek a better work/life balance elsewhere​

  • Increase employee engagement ​

  • Continuous coverage for employees who need personal time outside of the workplace for situations like maternity leave, sick days and vacations​

  • Increased productivity, because job sharers are accountable to both their employer and their partner

Why Job Share Connect?

We can help you put a successful job sharing program in place, while finding the right match for the skillsets your company needs — all backed by validated selection assessments that help ensure you’re hiring the right people and reduce the cost of employee turnover. 


Job Share Connect offers:

  • Qualified, matched talent pairs to fulfill open positions​

  • Coaching for you and your staff on successfully implementing a program​

  • Complete support for your new program, including policy templates, partnership agreements and management guidelines​

  • Resources, tools and ongoing support 

"I am really impressed with Job Share Connect's process. Also, wow, your communication and customer service are really incredible!"

Patricia Kearns
President & CEO, QLI

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Incorporating a new work-model requires fresh thinking and creative approaches. Our pricing is built to meet the needs of your business. Here are a few of the ways we work with our clients.  Contact us to learn more. 

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We work with your leadership team and existing employees to determine where job sharing is the right fit within your organization. 


We work like recruiters to find a job share partner for an existing employee or match two people to fill an open position. 


We partner with your leadership team to design a job share program to offer as a benefit to your employees.


Our technology integrates with existing HR software to incorporate job sharing into your existing hiring process. 

Let's connect.

Job Share Connect is committed to exceeding your expectations. Ready to discover the untapped talent looking for job shares?
We’d love to hear from you! 

Submit a contact request here or schedule a call with us to get a meeting in the books.

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