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A better way to attract and retain top talent.


Give employees what they want

Employee retention is more challenging than ever. The employee demand for more flexibility is sometimes at odds with business productivity.  You may also worry about your most valuable employees leaving- taking their institutional and practical knowledge with them. 


Job Share Connect partners with businesses to empower employees and unlock untapped talent pools. Providing talent everywhere new ways to seek out growth, skill-building, or flexibility opportunities. By matching employees to share jobs, you give your employees what they want while building a more agile and adaptable workforce.   

Build your company's internal talent marketplace

Our employer portal collects and streamlines data on skills, experience, and areas of interest, painting a holistic picture of your company’s existing talent pool.

This data comes together to build your company's internal talent pipeline and marketplace. Job Share Connect makes it easy to identify who, what, where and why there is the most interest for growth, learning, development, and flexible opportunities.

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Create a Super Workforce

Using the established job share model we provide a new way to access what people really want - meaningful work. 

Employees are empowered to learn, teach, and connect. Employees utilizing each other to unlock their potential within and in others to cross-train and upskill. And not only for high potentials and critical positions, but for every person in your company.

These human connections drive transformation and success- and build a more agile, innovative, and resilient Super Workforce.

Using the established job share model, Job Share Connect's software matches employees together, reimagining what on-the-job learning looks like within your organization. 

Our unique approach will launch your organization into the future of work.

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Annual Subscription Fee

We are currently limiting our partnerships. To learn more and to be considered for our Beta program, please schedule call.

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Let's connect.

Job Share Connect is committed to exceeding your expectations. Questions, comments or special requests?
We’d love to hear from you! 

Don’t hesitate to submit a contact request here or schedule a call with us to get a meeting in the books.

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