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What is "job sharing"?

The simplest explanation: job sharing is a work arrangement that allows two employees to share the responsibilities of one full-time position at a company. We use this established model to create cross-training, development and flexibility opportunities within organizations.

Are these full-time are part-time positions?

This depends on company and employee needs. Check out the Use Case of Mike & Lisa to learn more. 

What are the benefits of job sharing for employers?

Job sharing is advantageous for employers who are looking to retain talent create a more agile workforce.

By empowering employees to seek out and be matched with other employees for cross-training, up-skilling or flexibility opportunities, organizations create opportunities talent might otherwise leave for.

What if there's not a match within my company?

Job Share Connect has a robust talent pool we source from when needed. Our talent pool represents 25 industries with on average of 10+ years experience looking for employers who provide job share opportunities.

How does a job share team split their time?

There’s no set formula for how hours are split between a job share pair. The primary concern of most employers is that projects are completed and roles are fulfilled. Sometimes, that’s an even 50/50 split. In other scenarios, one member of the job sharing team works more than another, and the individuals are paid proportionately. Some job sharers rarely see each other on the job, while others have a few hours that overlap. Others work together on projects to improve the results by applying their individual, complementary expertise.

When you work with Job Share Connect, we’ll make recommendations on the best way to have talent split their time to produce the best results for their job responsibilities.

Is Job Share Connect a Consulting Firm?

No, Job Share Connect is a SaaS, however, we provide the necessary upfront consulting to determine organizational needs. We then provide continued support for companies through on-boarding.

What companies do you work with?

We're currently accepting a limited number of partners for our Beta program. Companies that have over 250 employees and are interested in learning more about the benefits included in our Beta program should contact us.

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