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Smart employee development software that matches employees to shared jobs.

We connect and engage your people with opportunities for cross-training, up-skilling, or flexibility.

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You need to keep your top talent, but they want MORE!

You’re overwhelmed by the constantly changing expectations of today's employees.
Retention and career development should be a shared responsibility.

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It's no longer an option to do nothing.

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In 2021, employees demand opportunities to learn and grow—or they will go. In a survey of full-time employees in the U.S., respondents indicated that the #1 way they want to be engaged is through HR promoting learning opportunities.

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Give your employees

 what they want with
Job Share Connect

Career Development & Mobility

Today's career paths should look more like jungle gyms- not ladders. We provide multiple paths for up-skilling, development, or flexibility leading to more meaningful work.

Turnkey Job Share Program

Empower, train, and/or provide flexibility across your organization. We unlock untapped potential within individuals and teams by matching employees to co-develop each other through our proprietary process.

Reduced Turnover and Costs

Reduce costs related to turnover, recruiting, on-boarding, and training. We create opportunities within your company so employees not only stay - but thrive.

Internal Talent Marketplace

Our employer portal collects and streamlines data such as  skills, experience, and areas of interest, painting a holistic picture of your workforce.

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We get it.
Supporting today’s workforce is overwhelming.

We’re here to simplify it for you.     

Our team has been in your shoes.
Our software is created by and for HR leaders. It:


  • Combines human insights with SaaS technology 

  • Empowers employees to take control of their career path

  • Maximizes the success of partnerships with a proprietary, science-based matching process

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"I am really impressed with Job Share Connect's process. Also, wow, your communication and customer service are really incredible!"

Patricia Kearns
President & CEO, QLI

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Getting started with Job Share Connect is easy

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Schedule a Call

We’ll get aligned with your organization’s goals and determine where Job Share Connect can help the most.

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 Needs Assessment

Our review process will gauge employee interest and ensure organizational fit.

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Chart the Rollout

Together, we’ll determine the best team(s) for rollout of the program.  Then, we'll chart a 90-day plan.

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Work as Partners

We’ll provide ongoing coaching and onboarding support, including everything you need implement a successful program.

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You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Your easy-to-use employee development solution is here.

Let’s be honest: "this is how we've always done it" isn't working and we need new ways to support the individual needs of our people.

Every HR team, even those with dedicated internal talent management professionals, need tools and support for career development in order to keep up. 

We're different because we recognize the untapped potential of humans working together. We use technology to connect and support people -not replace them.

Our user-friendly software enables organizations and employees to track skills, interests, and capabilities - and their to work/life needs and goals. That data is then used to match those employees with each other to shared opportunities across your organization.

We work with HR and leadership teams by providing the tools and resources to be a strategic partner at your company in order to drive transformation and success.

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It's time to unlock human potential

Watch Job Share Connect's Co-founders, Jessica Charlsen & Jina Hwang Picarella, PhD, share their vision of why job-sharing is more relevant now than ever and how it transforms the Future of Work in "TEDx: Unlocking Human Potential Through Job Sharing."

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Let's connect.

Job Share Connect is committed to exceeding your expectations. Questions, comments, or special requests?
We’d love to hear from you! 

Don’t hesitate to submit a contact request here or schedule a call with us to get a meeting on the books.

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