Job Sharing

Flexibility that fits

Job Share Connect matches two talented individuals to fill one full-time position. By working within the traditional work-model, companies are able to gain broader skills and perspectives, while employees get the flexibility they desire. Job Share Connect partners with both employees and employers to ensure each participant is set up for success.


71% of job sharers who sought a promotion received it.

The Job Share Project

Job sharing requires collaboration between both the company and the talent.

We provide the tools and training needed to make this a positive and impactful relationship for everyone involved.


Dynamic Duos

Collaboration, communication, reliability... These are just a few of the skills found in the best job share partnerships. Through our proprietary matching process, Job Share Connect ensures each individual has the basic required skills to build a successful partnership. Depending on the job needs, one talented professional is paired with a complementary or similarly skilled partner for a chemistry check and legally defensible placement test to ensure each person on the team has the skills and abilities to exceed expectations.


Make it happen

As with any new employee program, there are often more questions than answers. Job Share Connect provides companies with the policies and procedures needed to create clear expectations on how this new way of work will fit within the organization.


Guidance and support

Although the job sharing concept is straightforward, we understand there are a lot of unknowns that come with a new way of working. That's why we include coaching in our hiring packages for both the manager and the teams. By providing the support to work through the kinks, job sharing can make a positive impact for all parties involved.

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