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A few more reasons to believe in the power of job sharing.


Research findings that show job sharing lowers turnover and increases productivity.


An Economic Policy Initiative that proposes new models for job sharing that seek to increase gender equality in the workforce, with a particular focus on senior levels of management.


As flexible working is slowly penetrating practically all sectors from the military to retail, there is one arrangement which is vastly underutilised but could have a lot of potential:  job sharing


A collection of high-powered job share teams and details of their job share partnerships.


Long a rarity, the flexible work setup is becoming a tool for some colleagues to climb jointly into leadership roles

As companies continue to focus more on flexible employment offerings and people-centric initiatives, new ways of working are continuously coming to the forefront.


This job sharing arrangement proved just how possible it is to share a senior leadership position — even while running a high profile national project.


Managing editors discuss how their job share works and why they love it.

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Job Share Connect co-founders share their story to standardize job sharing as a new way to work.

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