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Job Share Connect partners with progressive, employee-centered companies who want to empower their talent to build meaningful career paths.

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At a company you love, but looking for more?
Take control of your life and career. Your priorities and goals change at different stages in your personal and professional life. You might be looking for opportunities to learn new skills, advance your career, explore different areas in your company, or simply want more flexibility.  
Whatever it is that you are looking for, Job Share Connect makes it is possible by matching you to another person to cross-train, up-skill, and transfer knowledge on the job by teaching and learning from your partner. Rather than sitting in a classroom or staring at a screen, you learn in real-time, doing real work. And it's all done within your regular working hours, not "in addition to."  

Ready to look for something new?
By joining our Talent Pool, you'll be alerted when relevant job share opportunities become available. 
We find your ideal partner in terms of skills, professional goals and values and take things like personality into account to companies who are looking to hire and retain top talent.

Below, check out the types of people who benefit from job sharing.

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Is Job Sharing Right for You?

Job sharing isn’t for everyone. However, if you realize that that by sharing experiences, skills, and time with another person you can actually get more ouf of your career, then job sharing may be the perfect solution for you.

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Balance your family and career.

You may have small children. You may have aging or sick family members. Like more and more people, you may have both. In years past, these kinds of responsibilities required you to choose between career and family. Not with job sharing. It lets you care for those in need without working a traditional 8-5 schedule, or temporarily leaving the workforce and creating a gap in your résumé.

Middle Aged Woman

Re-entering or exiting the job market

Ease into your transition.

Jumping into or out of a career is highly disruptive — for you and employers. Job sharing lets you make career changes gradually, instead of suddenly. This can help you transition back into the workforce after spending time outside of it. Job sharing can also help you prepare for retirement without needing to make an abrupt exit.

College Student

Earning a degree

Advance your career without leaving it.

Whether you’re an adult learner working to earn a bachelor’s or you’re a professional earning an advanced degree for your chosen industry, job sharing can provide the time you need to dedicate to your studies. The best part? You get the time you need without losing time in your work history. You also gain an opportunity to apply your education to your job as you learn.

In Meeting

Working on a big idea

Find the time to make it a reality.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s creating your next business opportunity, you may need more than just nights and weekends to establish yourself. By job sharing, you can maintain your current position while taking the steps necessary to build the foundation of your future and follow your passion.


Bored or feeling a little stuck

Upskill and develop through on-the-job learning

If you're a high performer looking for growth opportunities, maybe feeling underutilized and bored, you can still find a great development opportunity right within your current employer. You don't need another general online management course... you can cross-train with another valuable employee to gain actual on-the-job new skills or start a pivot into a new role.


Looking to make a pivot

Find that opportunity within your organization

It can be hard to make a pivot from one career to another, especially without any format experience in the area you want to pivot into. Job sharing gives you the opportunity to utilize your institutional knowledge while testing into a new department.

Talent: Testimonials

Job sharing is exactly what I didn't know I needed. I was working tirelessly and burning the candle at both ends, but not feeling like I was making an impact. Job Share Connect provides me with the opportunity to still do the work I love, but also give my children and family the time they deserve. I couldn't ask for a better combination that that.

- Laura


Interested in sharing a job?

Share your aspirations and a little information with us.

We work with a variety of companies to help them find and retain the best possible talent. 

To start the process of finding your job share match, join our talent pool for free.

There’s absolutely no commitment, and it’s completely confidential.

Our talent pool also helps you stay connected to both potential job share partners and job sharing opportunities.

Check out our blog for more career tips from the Job Share Connect team.

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