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  • Co-founders Jess & Jina

Adult Fitness at Home

Updated: Mar 21

#Fitness #WFHWK #Adulting #Peloton #FitnessBlender #AtHome #NoEquipment

Daily workouts have always been part of my routine, I feel like I've tried them all. To get through the days and weeks ahead, we have to make sure we break away for some alone time. I know it's easier said than done, but once you can there are a few trusted sources worth checking out. One that I currently love, along with about everyone else, is Peloton. I don't have a bike, but the app workouts push me harder than I would ever go on my own. If you're a Broadway fan, make sure to check out Matty Maggiacomo's awesome sets. Robin, Rebecca, and Selena are a few of my other favorites. For days like today, the app even has outdoor runs. Best news, they are offering free 90-days on the app, check it out:

A few other sites that have been passed along from trusted sources:

I feel so fortunate that I have a cousin who has a super power of creating killer workouts. We typically work out in his garage (that he somehow transforms to a top-notch cross-fit-style gym), but with this social distancing, he's been sending a few killer options. No equipment required.

This one was rough:

And this one was BRUTAL:

We've seen lots of local gyms start to post online workouts as well. Let us know if you have a favorite!