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Are You One of the 100 Million People Currently Re-evaluating Work?

The global covid-19 pandemic has shifted workers’ mindsets like never before. Employees are considering entirely different careers as they re-evaluate what they are passionate about and how they want to spend their time. Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker survey showed that, “Some 48% of Americans are rethinking the type of job they want post-pandemic” and, “53% say they’d switch to an entirely new industry if they could retrain.”

The numbers continue to grow. Early this year, many news sources stated nearly 40% of employees were looking to leave their jobs this year, with PwC recently sharing that 65% of U.S. workers are looking for a new job and that nearly nine out of 10 company executives say they are seeing higher-than-normal turnover at organizations.

“In a surprising phenomenon, people are not just abandoning jobs but switching professions. This is a radical re-assessment of our careers, a great reset in how we think about work.” - TIME

Is a Different Work Model the Answer?

While the pandemic has expedited remote-work and flex-work faster than anyone expected, I believe this is the right time for companies to figure out a different work model. It’s easy to just focus on short-term needs and gains as attrition rates are massively impacting companies, but the smart play is to focus on the long-term as our current culture and generations are making a stand for something different.

According to the Washington Post, nearly a third of U.S. workers under the age of 40 are considering changing careers during the pandemic. People are reassessing what they want out of both work and life.

A Pew survey in January found that 66% of unemployed people have seriously considered changing occupations—and significantly, that phenomenon is common to those at every income level, not just the privileged high earners.

In the last 4 months alone, our press and news sites are littered with headlines like this:

If there was ever a time to consider new work models, all signs point to this being it. Which is why we believe so strongly in job sharing being part of the new foundation of work.

The job share model is the perfect model for career changers and those who want to try a completely different role or department right within their own company. By matching talent together to cross-train and upskill each other, career changers are provided an opportunity for on the job training, without walking away from their current role.

Job Share Connect’s unique talent software provides a way to understand what your talent needs and empowers them to find the perfect match for upskilling, cross training or flexibility within your organization, without creating gaps in the process. From the initial talent assessment to the planning, organization, and implementation of the job share, Job Share Connect makes it easy. If you are ready to join our talent pool or interested in learning more about how job sharing can help retain talent at your company, connect with us today!

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