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Do Better Together

#BetterTogether #BlackLivesMatter

At Job Share Connect we are committed to providing equitable job opportunities for everyone. In order to do this, deep-rooted barriers need to be acknowledged and action must be taken. 

Our mission drives us to challenge outdated thinking and models that do not align with the current needs of our community.

We feel the pain that is resonating through our society, not only because of the heartbreaking recent deaths of George Floyd and countless others, but because of a history of systematic racism and oppression. Now is the time to come together to support the communities who are hurting the most. 

More than ever, we are committed to making sure our actions follow our vision:

“Empowering individuals to lead happier and more fulfilling lives by connecting with others to positively impact the family unit, their communities, and society as a whole.”

Black lives matter. 

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