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Schedules for Working From Home With Kids

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As we all try and manage our new reality, schedules are key to keeping everyone in the house aligned and on track. Please comment on what's working for you, but here are a few of our tips:

  • Set your alarm for a time before your kids wake up to allow you time to address important emails

  • Review the schedule the night before with your kids so they have expectations set for the next day

  • Post the schedule in a visible area so everyone knows where they are at in their day

  • If you have a partner at home, discuss the key events that each of you have and when you'll need each others support to make sure the kids are a minimal disctraction

  • Set up special areas in your house for 'school work or desk zones'

We tried our own version of this yesterday, it went pretty well.

We had a family meet at the end of the day and updated for today and reviewed what we liked and what we wanted to add. My 4th grader had lots of feedback!

Post pics of your schedule and how it works!

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