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Start. Stop. Continue.

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It's time for our weekly touch base.

Yes, I know, you weren't necessarily prepared for this meeting, and no, I didn't schedule it via zoom, but with all of the new challenges we've thrown at you this last week, I wanted to check in. And maybe send a virtual hug, or two.

So... how's it going? <insert chuckle>. I've noticed you've seemed a little overwhelmed. It's funny isn't it? At the beginning of the week everyone was talking about how much less busy you'd be and then, it's like everyone hit send and took your original jam-packed schedule and just made it virtual. Which is why I wanted to call this meeting. I won't take much of your time, but I thought it would be helpful to walk through our Start. Stop. Continues. It's about as simple as it sounds. Let's keep it simple and only focus on one thing per category. If it helps, we can do it again next week. Still stuck? I'll share mine

  1. Start - Using Zoom for fun and not only conference calls. There has been no lack of, 'let's do a virtual happy hour' invites, but the current instability of life has me in hibernation mode. I need to pick one virtual hangout and engage. Don't worry, happy hours haven't been an issue ;-)

  2. Stop - Trying to do everything solo. I'm lucky enough to have my husband home with me all day. As we map out our days, he has breaks he can take and help. As I've let him do this, I've been much happier and less stressed.

  3. Continue - Enlisting the kids for more than school work and chores. I had some fights earlier this week with my oldest about how I was, "too flexible" with the schedule. I recognized her passion for structure and promoted her to schedule manager. Win. Win.

I can't help but feel like social distancing has a lot in common with when I put my kids on a major time-out. The good news is after the screaming, kicking, etc. passes, the kids usually emerge improved, calmer and with a refreshed outlook for the day. Even the kids who weren't on time out are better behaved. May we all make the most of this, 'time out' and do what we need to come out of this improved, calmer, and refreshed.

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