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What does a Super Workforce look like?

No two employees want the exact same thing. Executive teams and HR teams who see this as an opportunity and who are willing to take risks will create win-win situations for themselves and their employees.

A LinkedIn Talent Blog from earlier this year states that one way to redefine HR is to attract the best talent by encouraging internal mobility and by engaging workforce coaches. It states:

“Some 73% of global talent professionals reported that they saw internal mobility as increasingly important to their company, according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2020 report. This aligns with a 2019 Deloitte study that found that 76% of executives considered internal mobility important, with 20% rating it as one of their organization’s most urgent issues. When you learn that 31% of millennials want to leave their jobs within two years, this is also an urgent matter for recruiters.”

Millennials are not the only critical group for employers. A super workforce is also made up of High Potential employees looking for leadership opportunities, Up-Skillers looking for new challenges, High Performers looking for growth opportunities, Career Changers looking for learning opportunities and Pre-Retirees looking for work-life integration. Is job sharing the answer?

The traditional work model of job sharing offers opportunities for all of these categories of employees, and when you offer this as part of your own internal talent marketplace, you benefit tremendously. Not only will you save in recruiting and turnover costs, but you will keep that important institutional knowledge within your organization. An extra bonus is increased satisfaction from your employee base.

In an upcoming 6-part series, we’ll explore how job sharing benefits employees who are motivated by and are looking for unique opportunities and why they can get them without switching companies.

How Job Share Connect Can Help

Similar to all job sharing positions, the key to making job sharing in your company is finding a good match. When identifying the right person for a job share position, it is important to take communication, organization, skills, and personality into account. Job Share Connect’s unique talent platform takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect match. From the initial talent assessment to the planning, organization, and implementation of the job share, Job Share Connect makes it easy. If you are ready to join our talent pool or interested in offering job sharing in your company, connect with us today!

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