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What we didn't include in our TEDx Talk

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

#TEDx #BetterTogether #JobShare

The journey of creating our TEDx Lincoln talk (video at the end of this post), was more challenging than we ever imagined. It reaffirmed the science behind why job sharing works and is such a mutually-beneficial endeavor. It expanded our vision of the role Job Share Connect can play in the future of work. It pushed our own job share partnership in unexpected ways. And finally, it introduced us to amazing humans, who were our coaches and fellow speakers. Unfortunately, we couldn't include everything we learned during our time on stage, so we wanted to share some highlights. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see more on these topics in the weeks ahead.

The Science Behind Sharing

Data indicates that humans intuitively have a desire to help, inform, and share with others altruistically- without expectation of reward or personal benefit. Research has also shown that these behaviors are not only hardwired in our brain, but that they are also pleasurable and make us happy. fMRI technology shows that behaviors like sharing activate the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by food and sex.

If we can relearn the innate behavior of sharing with others, not only will we live happier lives, but we end up with MORE- than we ever thought possible on our own.

Fourth Industrial Revolution to Human Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a blending of the physical, digital, and biological worlds has the potential to do so much good and correct many of the wrongs that have been created throughout history. Sustainable solutions can’t be found with new technology. Humans are the solution.

Humans have the power to unlock the full potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A conscious shift is happening at this very moment and is spreading within and between all of us.

What does this mean?

  • Rather than controlling and exploiting resources, including people, like we have in the past there is a shift to valuing people in order to reach our full human potential that leads to true happiness and peace.

  • Our perception of “Quality of life” shifts from material goods and comfort to personal fulfillment and joy.

  • We have to reconnect with the most basic parts that make us Human to start to unlock a power unlike anything we’ve seen before, what’s in ourselves and in each other. This starts with each individual, through inner self- transformation.

Our Job Share Partnership

As co-founders we've been through A LOT both personally and professionally. Our complimentary skills and style has always been one of our strongest assets, but entering an uncharted territory of how to write a 10-minute(ish) inspirational, empowering, talk that's not pitching your company was HARD. In the end, it was a union of Jina's curiosity and ability to dive deep into the research and Jessica's strength of consolidating and communicating that allowed them to create something bigger than either one of us and is one of our most fulfilling accomplishments to date.

"What we're doing is bigger than building a company. We're starting a movement. Join us. "

Check out the complete Lincoln TEDx Talk on Alchemy's incredibly line-up here:

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