The Job Share Connect Process

Our step-by-step process sets talent and companies up for success.

Step 1:  
Join the Talent Pool

Let us know you're interested in a job share by joining our free and confidential talent pool. When you do this, you'll be the first to know when job share opportunities become available and we'll know what type of positions we should seek out to meet your needs.

Step 2:
Become a Candidate

It's one thing to want to job share. It's another to be confident it is right for you. Discover your unique skills and abilities and how you and your job share partner align with the position. When you're ready to apply for a job share, we take candidates through a proprietary assessment process to maximize success for all parties involved.

Step 3:

Having an objective coach to interpret your assessment results and guide you on the path forward is an invaluable experience. Coaching is provided throughout the process as you receive your results, are matched with your partner, interview for the position and on-boarded into your new role.

Step 4:
Chemistry Check

As excited as you are to start a job share, it could go south quickly if you and your partner aren't a good match. That's why we take you and your partner through a shared exercise to get the chance to work together. You won't go into an interview until you've both confirmed you feel good about the partnership and are ready to interview.

Step 5:

You and your partner are now a packaged deal, moving forward to fill the role of one full-time position. We provide the company with the data and background to give them confidence in your team, you interview to solidify the hire.

Step 6: Get Started

We know the job share partnership is likely new to both the team and the company. We offer continued support and resources to help you along the way. Additional coaching is available to ensure the candidates, teams, and organizations are set up for success.

To complete the candidate assessment and matching process, there is a one-time fee that is refunded after the job placement is made.

Jess and Jina exceeded my expectations that I had going into the process of working with Job Share Connect! The entire process was very streamlined, thoroughly explained, as well as quick! From the time I met with them until the time I officially accepted my new position that I obtained after my first job interview they set up for me, they handled all the communication with the company which made things very easy and stress-free for me, a stay-at-home mom who was just transitioning back into the workforce. Their support and coaching made me feel comfortable taking on my first job interview in many years, and confident in the skills that I had to offer. I have and will continue to recommend their services to anybody I know looking for a job going forward.

Heather S.