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Our shared experience and expertise in organizational psychology, human interactive technology, business and marketing came together to build a platform that combines human insights with a white-labeled, SaaS technology that integrates with your existing HR systems.


For Employees

Employees create user profiles and complete the proprietary assessment and matching process. They can browse all cross-training opportunities, view those that match with their development path and flexibility preferences, and discover Amazon-like recommendations for non-obvious opportunities.

For the HR Team

The Employer Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of current opportunities and consolidates key talent pool data to recognize trends, gaps, and wants/needs inside the organization. Hiring managers upload new cross-training opportunities to identify employees who match across the organization and can integrate into external recruiting efforts as needed.

Using the established job share model, Job Share Connect's software matches employees together, reimagining what on-the-job learning looks like within your organization. 


Our unique approach will launch your organization into the future of work.


Why Job Sharing?

Watch Job Share Connect's Co-founders, Jessica Charlsen & Jina Hwang Picarella, PhD, share their vision of why job sharing is more relevant now than ever and how it transforms the Future of Work in TEDx: Unlocking Human Potential Through Job Sharing.



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We are currently limiting our partnerships. To learn more and to be considered for our Beta program, please schedule call.

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