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Curious about job sharing?

There are several common questions about job sharing that frequently come up.

Questions like:

  • What's a job share? Two company employees partnered to share the role, responsibilities, hours, and compensation of one full-time position.

  • How does the time get split? This varies by team, but typically, one person works 20-30 hours Monday - Wednesday, and the other person works 20-30 hours Wednesday - Friday. This provides the company with 40-60 hours of continual, fresh, coverage.

  • How do you ensure nothing gets dropped? As you might expect, job share teams are extremely motivated to make the job share work for the company. But before they are even placed, we provide templates and planning documents to provide clear expectations for everyone involved, including a defined hand-off time. Also leveraging communication technology like, Slack, a shared email address, shared Google docs, forwarding phone calls, and an occasional quick check in call when needed makes is super easy for a seamless team experience.

  • What about benefits? Again, this varies by company, but generally, if benefits would have been offered for the full-time role, we work with the company to divide the package based on each of the job share team's needs. Employers can also create a new employee class (full-time, part-time, job share) to provide a hybrid benefit option.

  • What's the most important thing to consider? The job share match! The #1 success factor of the job share is the partners, makes sense, right?? This is why we've build a proprietary matching process to set up both the job share partners and company for success.

  • What types of roles are good for a job share? We work with companies to place job share partners in full-time salaried roles. This allows more flexibility for continual coverage during things like maternity, paternity, sick leaves, etc.

Check out our talent pool to learn more about the types of talent, and the roles they've held, that are looking to job share.

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